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Key Note Presentations


Brent works with individual schools on a number of in-house leadership development programmes please contact Brent for examples in addition he gives a number of presentations and workshops as illustrated below:

Leading the Strategically Focused School . A one to three hour presentation with interactive discussion and activities to allow school leaders to review how they build strategic sustainable processes approaches and leadership alongside operational short term challenges. Session presented to headteacher and senior and middle leadership conferences in the UK and overseas. This is based on my book ‘Leading the strategically focused school'.

Developing Strategic Leadership . This presentation looks at the key aspects of moving from an operational to a whole school futures oriented leadership approach by developing a strategic perspective. It answers the questions: What is strategic leadership, how can we develop greater strategic leadership across the school and how to we sustain strategic leadership for the long term development of the school. This is based on my published articles on ‘developing strategic leadership'. This can form the basis of a one to three hour input.

Talent Management in Schools . This presentation focuses on how we move from the present pre-occupation with succession planning which has a focus on preparing people for current roles to developing a ‘talent pool' of highly motivated and able staff for new roles in future schools. In considering how we define talent, develop talent and deploy talent will provide school leaders with new insights into how they develop talent for outstanding schools in the future. This is based on my book ‘Talent Management in Education'. A highly interactive input for an hour or a three hour session.

Developing Sustainable Leadership . This presentation is based on my book on ‘Sustainable leadership' and looks at nine factors that contribute to successful and sustainable leadership that drive excellent schools. It draws on research from a global perspective to determine what constitutes effective leadership and how that leadership can continue to be effective over time to enable schools to move from ‘good' to ‘great'. This is a highly original input lasting from one to three hours. This is based on my book "Developing Sustainable Leadership"

Leadership Development for Senior and Middle leaders . This is an interactive session that uses a portfolio of leadership activities and exercises that the participants experience and can take back to their own school to help develop and enhance their own leadership development culture. This is based on my book ‘School leadership for the 21st Century' and the experience of many workshops with leading educationalists. This is a one to three hour activity.

All these key notes have been given to headteacher, principal and senior leadership groups across LAs and headteacher professional groups in the UK, Australia, USA, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Please use the contact page to have a discussion with Brent on how he may be able to assist you with your course or conference.