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Recent Books

He has published extensively with 30 books, the most recent are:

•  Talent Management in Educaton (with Barbara Davies, Sage: 2011)

• Leading the Stategically Focused School (2011)

•  Developing Successful Leadership (with Mark Brundrett, 2010: Springer)

•  Essentials of School Leadership 2nd Edition (2009: Sage)

•  Passionate Leadership (with Tim Brighouse, 2008: Sage)

•  Developing Sustainable Leadership (2007: Sage)

•  Strategic Marketing for Schools (with Linda Ellison, 2007: Beijing Normal University Press)

•  School Leadership in the 21 st Century (with L. Ellison & C. Bowring-Carr, 2005: Routledge)

•  The New Strategic Direction and Development of the School (with Linda Ellison 2003: Routledge)

•  The Handbook of Educational Leadership and Management (with J. West-Burnham, 2003: Pearson).